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Auricular Acupuncture Masterclass: Nogier’s Auriculotherapy presented by Jim Chalmers

  • Columbia Hotel 95-99 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park London, W2 3NS United Kingdom (map)

Auricular Treasures Masterclass Series: Nogier’s Auriculotherapy* presented by Jim Chalmers

A 4-day Course Delivering the Techniques and Skills required for Clinical Success


  • History of Auriculotherapy

  • Anatomy of the ear

  • Types of points: Reflex and Neurovascular points

  • Locating points: Observation, Palpation, Electrical detection, Low Level Infrared Laser  and by using the Pulse Quality known as the Vascular Autonomic Sign (VAS).

  • The Vascular Autonomic Sign: How to recognise and use it diagnostically and for precise location of pathologic points.

  • Equipment needed for the various approaches

  • The Charts: mapping the ear. Master Points and Anatomical projection of the body’s organs and locomotor system to the ear. Understanding the point locations. Cartography: Chinese charts, Nogier’s charts.

  • Treatment of acute and chronic Musculoskeletal disorders

  • Lots of hands-on practice, needle technique 

  • Locating and Treating points depending on whether the condition is acute, chronic or degenerative (Nogier called these stages of the disorder “Phases”).

  • Understanding the Phases and the TCM viewpoint of the Phases.

  • Pain Management: Points for pain

  • Treatment of Scars as a blockage to healing, both internal, external and emotional. How to locate reactive scar points on the ear.

  • Laterality: Right-Left brain balance – establishing harmony between the hemispheres

  • Managing Psycho-emotional traumas and disorders – an obstacle to healing. E.G. Anxiety, PTSD, Panic Attacks, OCD, Depression, addiction (food, drugs, sexual).

  • TCM approaches to Zang-fu disorders, locating organs and functional points

  • Cautions and Contra-indications

  • Focus on hands-on practice and personal supervision throughout the course

*The protocol discovered, developed and named by “The Father of Modern Ear Acupuncture” Dr Paul Nogier.


Jim Chalmers
B.Ac ( Bne.Au) Cert Advanced Ac (Nanning China) C. CHM
Fellow AACMA. Fellow AESO. Past Vice President AACMA

Over thirty years TCM practice. Twenty-two years with Special Interest focus on Nogier’s Auriculotherapy. Practiced in Australia, China, Singapore and SW Scotland. Invited speaker workshop/seminar presentations Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Greece, England, Scotland, Ireland, France. Author articles in JCM, EJOM and GLEM Symposium Journal and the website of Originator of website and much of the material enclosed. Author of highly acclaimed ‘Auriculotherapy Ear Acupuncture, The Practitioners Guide (2014 Chalatalrick pub, Scotland).

Early bird discount: £550 (save £47 until 31st December 2018)

Full price: £597